A Look Forward with Futurist David Houle

David Houle, futurist, author and keynote speaker, drops by again to discuss the most disruptive decade in our lifetimes; the 2020s. This decade will see a transformational shift in technology, the environment, politics, and just about everything that impacts our lives.  David is currently writing a series of books that speaks directly to the events in this decade, including:

  • The phenomena of cognitive dissonance
  • The need to unlearn, learn and relearn
  • The acceleration, collapse and rebound of society
  • Finding opportunities and success in a world where the only thing that doesn't change is change itself. 

Spend a fascinating hour with someone who's successfully predicted and succeeded in a world whose only motto seems to be "evolve or die."

Visit David Houle's website, or his site dedicated to the 2020s.

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