Dr. Oscar Lovelace on Healthcare

Dr. Oscar Lovelace, a rural physician from Prosperity, South Carolina, talks about the challenges of providing good healthcare in a rural environment, the state of healthcare in America, and the idea of medicare of all. Though we originally released this recording on February 9, 2020, the healthcare issues discussed in this interview are perhaps even more relevant today.

Dr. Lovelace was named the “National 2015 Family Physician of the Year” in recognition of his outstanding work over many years of dedication to the practice of medicine. In 2003, he was appointed by then Governor Mark Sanford to serve as state-wide co-chairman of the Health Care Task Force. In 2004, he served on the Lieutenant Governor’s Commission on Aging. In 2006, Dr. Lovelace challenged the current state governor during the GOP Primary and though the incumbent prevailed, he managed to get over 35% of the vote. Dr. Lovelace’s experience with both medicine and politics uniquely qualifies him to speak about our nation’s healthcare system.

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