Patriotic Millionaires

The podcast staff is on break this week. Summer is finally here, and with Covid restrictions easing, everyone vacated their post. So we're rebroadcasting an episode that we aired back on July 5 of last year, when we talked with the chair of an organization known as the Patriotic Millionaires, Morris Pearl.

Morris believes in a nation where every person has as much political power as millionaires; where every American who works full time can afford their basic needs; where millionaires and large corporations - who have benefited most from our country’s assets - pay a larger share of the taxes used to run our country. What motivates a millionaire to want to join an organization that advocates that millionaires should pay more taxes? Morris provides some fascinating insight to the issues America faces these days and how the wealthy can - and should - actively participate to help create a more perfect union.

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