Pure Justice

Meet RoShawn Evans, co-founder of an organization known as Pure Justice. Mr. Evans helped spark the idea of creating Pure Justice based on his own experience, after being falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison.

RoShawn wrote two books about his experience: Stolen Identity and The Domino Effect. The book Stolen Identity explores how African American males who become victims of the school-to-prison pipeline even when they have not committed a crime, are faced with a continued stigma that leads to recidivism for rightfully and wrongfully convicted felons. The book also explores how such a stigma leads to an overall deterioration of human dignity due to laws that foster a continuation of societal punishment well beyond prison.

Roshawn currently serves as the Organizing Director, Inmate Liaison, and Community Outreach Coordinator for Pure Justice. When he’s not engaged in community activism in the fight against criminal and social injustices, he conducts research for his pending books as he studies to complete his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Political Science. He intends to go on to law school.

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