The Alliance Party Manifesto

"Our political reform movement’s singular goal is to dramatically transform our dysfunctional partisan democracy of extremism into a functional democracy driven by innovative and term-limited political leaders. Unlike the duopoly, our aims are not to move the direction of the country Left or Right, but Forward. We want to create a revitalized, world-leading United States: America 2.0." Thus begins the Alliance Party’s manifesto. During this episode, Jim Rex, the Alliance Party’s National Chair, and Jonathan Etheridge, one of the Alliance Party’s “At-Large” members, discusses the manifesto and explains its relevance and importance in today’s political environment. Our country is suddenly faced with multiple challenges, from a soaring federal debt, to a pandemic-induced depression-era unemployment rate, to a health crisis, and, tragically, to long-standing racial tensions that have boiled over into our streets. Truly, a vision of an “America 2.0” is desperately needed in this challenging time, and the Alliance Party’s manifesto will help lead us back to the America we were destined to be all along. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss!

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